Video Production & Multi Media Design based in San Diego


San Diego based video production for your professional seminars, training videos, commercials, online marketing campaigns, weddings, live events and performances. Single and Multi-Camera shoots with an artistic eye. Detail oriented editing and post-production, tailored to suit your vision and your goals.

Educated in television and film production, graphic design, audio engineering, marketing and web development; my love for learning, teaching and sharing through story telling has led me to produce a wide variety of informative films and video pieces. My passion is exploring the human experience and bringing our community closer together through knowledge and understanding.

I've had the pleasure of working with a variety of brilliant and talented artists, scientists, healers, philosophers and filmmakers to complete a diverse collection of short documentary and narrative style projects. I find great enjoyment in the process of succinctly and creatively conveying your message; whether it's capturing the essence of an event to be shared later with colleagues, family or friends; sharing your story for the purpose of education or personal growth; or bringing your products to life for your customers delight. I look forward to bringing excellence to your project's communication needs.

David Sousa
Producer, Principal Cinematographer and Editor since 1998